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A rug is the foundation of every room, connecting all the elements in your space to create a stunning, cohesive look. The right rug not only grounds your room stylistically but also elevates it to a higher level of timeless beauty. For an effortlessly chic aesthetic, you can easily design your entire room around the color scheme and shapes found within a luxury rug. Choosing a handmade rug of unsurpassed quality from Michael’s Rug Studio guarantees your investment will remain an exquisite family heirloom for generations to come. .

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Types Of Area Rugs

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Michael’s decades of experience and mastery in rug cleaning prompted him to embrace a new business—selling rugs. Following in the footsteps of his father, Michael has imbued his rug gallery with the same level of professionalism and pride as was engendered in his family business. Just as Mussallem Area Rug Specialists is arguably the finest rug cleaning company in the area, if not the world, Michael’s Rug Studio has endeavored to become the most beautiful rug showroom in Jacksonville. This growing company sells an impressive collection of contemporary, traditional, and transitional rugs, meaning you’ll find the perfect piece at any style, preference, and price point. If the rug you desire can’t be found, it will be custom created according to your specifications. 
Traditional Rugs
Traditional rugs refer to those with traditional Oriental, Persian, or Victorian designs that have been replicated throughout the centuries. They feature highly detailed, ornate patterns, often with a distinct border, numerous colors, floral patterns, and central medallions in shapes such as diamonds or hexagons. Kilims, soumaks, and dhurries are traditional rugs.
Contemporary Rugs
Contemporary rugs offer modern, less-intricate designs than traditional rugs. They include bold contrasts, bright colors, and free-form, geometric, or architecture-inspired shapes. Some have consistent patterns across the rug, while others have a single image in one area. This style is the most diverse and often lends a fun, playful vibe to the room.
Transitional Rugs
Transitional rugs blend traditional and contemporary styles, often taking traditional patterns and giving them a modern spin. Usually, transitional rugs feature an all-over design but with less detail and no border or a traditional pattern in a modern color scheme. They combine the classic elegance of a traditional rug with the more casual, relaxed feeling of a contemporary rug.


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