Tips for choosing the right area rug for your living room and where tofind the best area rug store in Jacksonville to buy it.
How to Choose the Best Rug for Your Home:
No living room is complete without a rug to tie it all together but selecting that perfect area rug can be harder than it sounds. There are several ways to choose the right area rug for your home and several key details to keep in mind when making your decision. The good news is that there
is no right or wrong answer when choosing a rug! It all comes down to personal taste. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding to purchase area rugs in Jacksonville.


The first step to choosing the right area rug for your home is to determine the exact size and shape of the room. It’s also a good idea to consider the size, shape, and style of your furniture. While a rug doesn’t have to fill the entire living room, it should anchor the room. The rug should
be big enough that you can place the front two legs of your sofa or chairs on the rug, and you should plan to leave at least a foot of border between the rug and the walls.

One Rug or a Few
While many people choose to buy one large rug in the center of the living room or dining room, there’s no rule that it has to be just one. Many homeowners choose to decorate rooms with multiple rugs. While a single area rug usually looks best in smaller rooms, in large or sprawling
spaces like an attic or a loft, multiple rugs can cover more space and help tie together disparate groupings of furniture.

Pattern or Plain

Whether you’ve decided to purchase a handmade, custom, or contemporary rug in Jacksonville, the next important thing to decide is whether to go with a patterned rug or a plain one. While a boldly patterned or colorful statement rug can serve as a defining feature of a living room or dining area, a plainer or simpler rug may act as a better backdrop to the other items in the room. In the end, it all comes down to personal choice and what looks best with your home and décor.


Rugs come in many different textures and materials, including plant-based materials like jute, linen, cotton, and sisal, as well as natural fibers like wool or mohair. Rugs can also be made of sturdy man-made materials like nylon and acrylic. Each material offers a different look and feel.

Finding the Right Area Rug Store
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